Taizhou Jiusheng metal products Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu province Taizhou city Jiangyan District Industrial Park, the beautiful scenery in the city of Su, advanced communications, convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

The company was founded in 2004, is specialized in manufacturing and sales of automotive engine (cam shaft, aluminum die casting, stamping parts, etc.) of private enterprises, currently covers an area of 22000 square meters, construction area of 9000 square meters, the registered capital of 7 million yuan;

One. Human resources:

The company's total number of employees more than 150 people, including technical personnel management staff of 6 people, 12 people, engineering inspection staff of 8 people, all the staff for the local staff, staff stability, can come and capable of fighting and winning requirements;

Two. Major manufacturers:

The 4 cylinder engine camshaft, nonferrous metal pressure (CAST) mainly supporting manufacturers Castings: FAW Wuxi diesel engine factory, Zhejiang xinchai Changchai Limited by Share Ltd, Weichai Power Yangzhou diesel engine factory, Limited by Share Ltd, Changfa group, a Jiangyan Power Co., Ltd. Mahindra Yueda KIA 6 cylinder engine cam; shaft, nonferrous metal pressure casting (CAST) main supporting manufacturers: Jing Ye FAW Engine Co. Ltd., Sany Limited by Share Ltd;

Three. Quality management system:

In November 2010 the company passed the TS16949/2009 quality system certification, the system is running well, the company system according to the requirements of the standard management, the pursuit of excellence and prevention, suppliers do best in automotive industry;

Four. Equipment status

1 on the basis of the original production capacity of 200 thousand camshaft, the end of 2010, the company's new production workshop 3000M2. The new four cylinder and six cylinder camshaft production line, the investment of nearly about 20000000 yuan, in 2011 April to expand the line of success, officially put into mass production, currently used for camshaft production equipment 119 Taiwan, limited to the needs of the market, the current 4 cylinder engine with an annual output of 300 thousand, 6 cylinder engine with an annual output of 10 thousand;

2 non-ferrous die-casting parts: the existing 135 tons -700 tons of cold chamber die casting machine 7 units, of which two units for the full automatic equipment, according to the business plan in 2015, is expected before the end of the year and then put into a 1200 ton full automatic die casting machine;

3 colored (CAST) cast nonferrous metal machining parts: the existing processing center 11, VMC600 8, VMCL1100 2 units, four of which 2 axis linkage, and the rest of the equipment are CNC control, high production efficiency.

The 4 part: low pressure casting has completed infrastructure low pressure casting early input, test mode is currently 6 cylinder oil pan, the pilot is expected to die after intake can produce 4-6 cylinder engine intake manifold pipe, higher requirements of complex shape parts, before the end of 2015, and then put into gravity casting a production line, used to improve the surface quality of products, increase product coverage, improve product quality.

5 testing equipment: the main testing equipment camshaft tester, metallographic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, height gauge, roughness and contour of gear tester, cleanliness and each set, testing machine 2, meet camshaft production and production of colored detection requirements, to improve product quality, year in order for a planned three coordinate measuring system;

Five. Company capacity:

At present, four cylinder engine camshaft production capacity to reach 1500 / day, six cylinder cam shaft up to 100;

Die casting, casting production capacity of 2000 sets / day;

Six. Company development plan:

Nine wins will be completed within five years: the forefront, quality inspection, timely delivery, quality of enterprise employees!